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The Law Offices of Dustan Neyland is conveniently located off Interstate 59, northeast of Houston in Kingwood, TX, within minutes of Montgomery County, Harris County, and Liberty County. Mr. Neyland represents clients locally and across the State of Texas who have been charged with a crime, are seeking a divorce, or have been injured at the fault of someone else. If you have the need for legal representation, the Law Offices of Dustan Neyland is willing and able to provide you with the high level service that you demand and deserve. Mr. Neyland is a trained and effective trial attorney and former Harris County felony prosecutor. When you hire the Law Offices of Dustan Neyland, you can expect to get a lawyer that will work hard for you, will obtain any available evidence favorable to your case, and will strive for the best result with your interests in mind.

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Dustan O. Neyland

After Dustan O. Neyland graduated from Oklahoma City University School of Law, he began his legal career at a celebrated civil litigation firm where he learned how to uncover the important facts of cases and develop successful litigation strategies. Dustan went on to work as a prosecuting attorney, handling such types of cases as juvenile, misdemeanor, and felony offenses.

It was during his time as a prosecutor that Dustan also learned about how police officers and law enforcement agencies trample on the constitutional rights of people accused of crimes. This experience in which alleged offenders are frequently treated as criminals even before they ever set foot in court inspired Dustan to be the voice for the accused. With a passion for protecting the rights of alleged offenders, Dustan provides aggressive legal defense for clients all over Manhattan and Brooklyn.

In addition to his training at law school, Dustan has also completed Forensic Chromatography Course of the American Chemical Society. This experience not only allows him to understand when crime lab analysis errors are made in drug cases, but it also helps Dustan challenge prosecutors who use invalid science in the courtroom.

Dustan has received numerous honors over the course of his legal career. He was named a Reader’s Choice for Best Attorney by Living Magazine in 2013, and Dustan has also been included among the Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers in 2013 and 2014.

Jeff Greco

Jeff Greco is a former prosecutor who now puts his experience to work for those accused of crimes in New York City state and federal courts. Jeff Greco understands the way prosecutors work, and he uses that knowledge to protect the rights and build the strongest possible defense strategy for his clients.

Jeff has long held an ambition to protect those whose liberty is at stake after being accused of a crime. A defendant has the incredible weight of the government against him or her, with its nearly infinite resources — especially in the case of federal prosecutions. As a former assistant district attorney and narcotics prosecutor, Jeff knows the tactics the other side uses and knows how to fight them.

Further, he has extensive training on how police investigate DWIs. He has been certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to actually conduct standardized field sobriety tests and spot controlled substance use in drivers as a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE). He also has been trained at Harvard Law School in DUI Defense tactics.

This training allows him to identify missteps by police, which he can then use to call the prosecution’s evidence into question. Without sufficient solid evidence, the charges against a client get reduced or dismissed entirely.

It is part of the approach of Greco Neyland, PC: To walk into a courtroom prepared to fight, and to wage that fight well. No matter how hopeless or difficult a case may seem, Jeff Greco will make every effort, conducting a thorough investigation into all allegations and all circumstances surrounding those allegations to identify every defense.

Jeff is committed to an open, transparent relationship with clients. He keeps them informed at every step. He is always honest with clients about their chances and the options they have, so they can make the best decisions.