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Probation Violations

Some consider probation or a deferred adjudication, which both are considered community supervision, a “second chance” to stay out of jail or an opportunity to avoid a conviction (in the case of a deferred). Community Supervision is sometimes considered as “one foot in jail and one foot out”. When you are placed on community supervision, the court requires you to do a list of things such as classes, random drug testing, and community service as well as avoid doing certain things such as using drugs or alcohol, going to bars, or committing a new law violation.

When a person is accused of violating the conditions of community supervision, the prosecution will file a motion to adjudicate guilt (in the case of a deferred adjudication) or a motion to revoke probation (in the case of a probation). The Judge will issue a warrant for arrest and bring them to the court to decide if the terms of community supervision have been violated. If the judge determines that the terms have been violated, then the Judge will assess punishment.

If this has happened to you, then you need a competent attorney to help keep you out of jail or prison, to help keep your record clear (in the case of a deferred adjudication), and to convince the judge to keep you on community supervision.

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