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Juvenile Crimes

When a child that is between the age of 10 and 16 is accused of committing a criminal offense, they will find themselves in a Juvenile Court. The juvenile system in Texas falls under the Texas Family Code. It is a civil proceeding and the main focus is to determine if a child has “engaged in delinquent conduct and is in need of rehabilitation.” The majority of juvenile defendants who are found to have committed non-violent offenses, such as theft, burglary, or simple drug possession, will be released to their parent’s custody and will be ordered to take part in programs designed to correct the behavior that led to committing the criminal offense.

If a juvenile is found to have engaged in a more serious crime or is a repeat offender, the child could be placed in a type of “boot camp” or could even be sent to the Texas Youth Commission, which is the child equivalent of prison.

In instances where serious crimes are committed, such as murder, aggravated robbery, and sexual offenses, a child could be certified as an adult and the case will be transferred to a criminal district court where the child will be tried as an adult. If your child has been accused of such a crime, it is extremely important to hire an experienced attorney who will fight to keep the case in a juvenile court.

Just like in the adult system, juveniles can, and should, fight their cases. Just because your child has been accused of a crime, it does not mean that they are actually guilty. A juvenile record could affect your child in the future and it is important to do everything possible to defend against any criminal accusation.

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