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Case Results for the Week of January 6, 2014 – Harris and Chambers County

State of Texas v. MM – Theft – DISMISSED – Client was charged with shop lifting from a local retail store.  The client had no intent to steal and the state could not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

State of Texas v. CC – Credit Card Abuse – DISMISSED – Client was charged with using his company credit card to make fuel purchases for his private vehicle.  The state filed the wrong charge against the client because he was authorized to possess and use the card, just not allowed to make private purchases.  The proper charge in this case would have been a misdemeanor theft.  We agreed to pay back restitution and the case was dismissed.

State of Texas v. SM – Possession of Marijuana – DISMISSED – Client was pulled over for speeding.  He had just picked up his friend from a hotel and was driving his friend to drop him off at his friend’s house.  The friend was high on marijuana and the client was not under the influence of any drugs.  The client consented to a search of the vehicle and approximately 2 ounces of marijuana was found in the trunk of the car inside of a backpack.  After the client was arrested, he admitted the marijuana was his.  However, because the police did not Mirandize the client, the statements would not be admissible in court.  Without the admission, the state would be unable to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.