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Case Results for the Week of February 10, 2014 – Harris County

State v. Expunged – Assault on a Family Member – NOT GUILTY – Client was charged with assault after his ex-girlfriend came to his house and refused to leave.  She began destroying property and the client had no choice but to forcibly remove her from his home.  Jeff Greco tried the case to a jury over a two day period and received a verdict of not guilty based on the affirmative defense of defense of property.

State v. DH – Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon – Hung Jury – Client was charged with a hitting his neighbor with a baseball bat after the neighbor ran the client off the road and the client confronted him.  Attorney’s Dustan Neyland and Tami Pierce tried the case to a jury over a week long period.  At the end, the jury was split three ways.  Two believed that the client used the baseball bat as a deadly weapon, nine jurors believed that he committed a misdemeanor assault and did not use or display the baseball bat as a deadly weapon, and one juror believed that he was not guilty of any crime.

State v. GA – Theft by Check – DISMISSED – Client was charged with theft by check for writing a hot check years ago.  There was no intent on the part of the client to prove this was a theft rather than a bad check.